Bucket Elevator

The Bucket elevators are designed to transport different types of products. The knowledge and experience of Neo Conveyors, the best solution can be offered. For the transport of dry substances like grain and flour the elevator already proved its value as an extremely reliable transport method. Combination with the use of synthetic buckets, makes the elevator ideal for the transport of sand, Pet Coke other abrasive or slightly sticking products. The use of wear-resistant materials on the right places guarantees a long lifetime of the components. Elevators are weatherproof and dust tight.

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Conveyors Manufacturers In India

Neo Conveyors is one-stop destination where you can avail a huge assortment of Conveyor Machines. The company is actively engaged in the Manufacturing and Exporting of a wide range of Conveyor Machines Roller Conveyor, Belt Conveyor , Bucket Elevator, Chain Conveyor, and so one. We manufacture these machines in compliance with the international standards. In addition to this, the company is also going to procure ISO Certification in the very near future.The unmatched quality, robust structure, and high productivity have made our Conveyor Machines an ideal choice of the clients. The advanced features have enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves amongst the prominent dealer of Conveyor Machines in the market. Within a short span of time, we have gathered a large number of clients due to our consistency in rendering good quality with competitive prices. Consequently, we have successfully maintaining our associations with the clients.

conveyors manufacturer for dairy, bakery, personal hygiene, beverages, ice cream, medicines, chemical, industriesl

Neo Conveyors, specializes in designing and manufacturing of specific conveyors. It is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel, sanitary conveyors for various purposes, such as, dairy, bakery, personal hygiene, beverages, ice cream, medicines, chemical, industrial and also serving other industries, as well as others

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Bucket Elevator Insufficient Lifting Capacity Problem

Bucket elevator is most efficient way to conveying material in the factory, however, many users may facing problem in efficiency. such as insufficient lifting capacity problem, here Neo Conveyors will suggest some methods to increase the bucket elevator capacity .Details as below
1.Change the driving sprocket Size and increase the elevator speed
2. downstream equipment capacity of bucket elevator should be increased.
3. Buckets are full of material.


  1. Properly clean the sticky materials on the buckets and wheels regularly basis
  2. Discharge outlet in proper place
  3. No material inside the buckets return back
    please do the above on regular basis.Please visit http://www.neoconveyors.com for details.

The Bulk Material Handling Systems

Neo Conveyors, are making Bulk material handling easy and economical. They are manufacturing customized conveyors, as per the specifications of the customer. Its needs are well kept and in mind, location of installation inspected to make sure, if it is feasible, checked if requirement is rightly met. After the considering various aspects, we at Neo Conveyors, go for manufacturing. Due to its capability to win over hurdles, it is becoming, a leading and reliable manufacturer.  We are also exporting various types of conveyor systems.  We provide a wide range of conveyors, which are appreciated for its efficiency.

Our range of belt conveyors finds a wide application in agriculture, factories, engineering plant and construction industries etc. We are into this for last 10 years, serving various companies. We offer a wide range of bulk material handling systems, at most competitive prices, ensuring reliability and satisfaction to our customers.

For more queries please do visit: http://www.bulkmaterialshandling.in or mail us at info@neoconveyors.com

Trough Belt Conveyor


Elevating Machines

Elevating machines, the new technology, which have come in being is proving in all spheres in various types of industries and work places. Elevating machines are meant to elevate, move or say shift heavy products or raw material from one end to the other stations, as required, where they are needed to get assembled or packed. These elevators are conveyors. They are playing a major role in accomplishing the difficult task of movement or moving any type of material, whether the fast flowing material, bulky, powder or liquids etc. Inspite of, carrying material to destination,it can move in different directions, whether it is horizontal, vertical, upward or downward. They help on large scale and quit the headaches of dealing with many workers at the same time without interrupting production.. Less labours are required thus reducing the labour costs, incentive, bonus or other miscellaneous charges on large scale.

Each one of us is running after time, as time means money. It is essential to go for the right elevator. Conveyors are everywhere, bulk material handling, manufacturing products, assembling, packing, truck loading etc.We at Neo Conveyors are fully dedicated towards the manufacture of Conveyors, and are proving itself, as one of the best manufacturer. We designs conveyors as per your specification and requirement. Our motto is to achieve your satisfaction alongwith ours.

Types of Conveyors

  1. Belt Conveyors
  2. Inclined Belt Conveyors

a.Inspection Conveyors

b.Horizontal Belt Conveyor

c.Assembly Line Belt Conveyors

d.Stacker/Radial Stacker

e.Loading Unloading

3.Bucket Elevator

4.Roller Conveyor

5.Chain Conveyor

6.Slat Chain Conveyor

7.Screw Conveyor

8.Wire Mesh Conveyor

9.Modular Slat Chain Conveyor

10.Magnetic Conveyors

Z Type Bucket Elevator manufacturer India

Z type Bucket elevator

Neo Conveyors are specially designed for gentle handling and quiet operational Bucket Elevator. The buckets facilitate transportation of measured quantities and are available in several sizes. The buckets are overlapping at feeding points  and remain in an upward position until emptied, thereby preventing spillage. The buckets are made of a food grade reinforced polycarbonate, molded in one piece. Chain of Bucket elevators made of harden high carbon steel material with Delrin roller which gives low friction with guide support without lubrication. Z  type Bucket Elevator can discharged materials at multiple points.
Application : Food industries / Grain handling  / Nuts / Dry Chemical etc.

we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of  Material Handling Conveyor Systems. By Setting new standards for technology and excellence on quality.
we have been providing quality products and components as well as services to a wide range of industries. We not only offer quality products but also undertake value added maintenance as well as re manufacturing services as well, which offer complete satisfaction to our clients..

Evolution or birth of Bucket Elevators

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Industrial Conveyor Systems Manufacturer | Neoconveyors

As we all know, necessity is the mother of all the evolutions, which takes place around us. Latest technology and design, is the concrete result of the same. All the advances made in the field of bucket conveyors solely depends on the latest requirement of our customers. These requirements are making it possible to develop new design, which are more effective for companies. The design of the equipment is making it possible to move the product horizontally and vertically. The movement is being made easy with the help of bucket on a conveyor. Now a day manufacturers and designers of this equipment are into development of these bucket elevators. Neo conveyors are also proving them in this field and have resulted in more effective Bucket Conveyors. They are making equipment, so as, to make a better working environment for people handling them.

Bucket conveyors are designed, in such a way…

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